You are smart.  You are dedicated.  You love what you do.  

But you might not love writing.

Here are 3 ways I help you write a compelling grant.

grant Writing

Let's be honest - Grant writing is not rocket science.  What YOU do is rocket science.  But a grant application can usually benefit from a second set of eyes, a discussion with someone who is focused 100% on you and your ideas, someone asking questions. 

Whether you are trying to find the right framing, wondering whether your application sounds exciting, or need to get your words under the page limit, I can help.

Grant writing differs from 'coaching' in that there is less back-and-forth between us and I join your process at a later stage.

One-to-one Coaching

When we work one-to-one, I learn about the scientific questions that fascinate you and I help you shape your ideas into exciting grant proposals.  One-to-one coaching differs from 'grant writing' in that there is more back and forth, we talk about what constitutes good 'grantsmanship', and I function more as a partner in your process.

Together we can:

  • Get clarity about your ideas—sometimes it helps to have someone who is not an expert in your field, but is trained as scientist, to listen and ask questions

  • Craft a compelling story that aligns your project idea, the funder’s goals, the reviewers' needs, and your written document

  • Make your writing clear and concise

Workshops & Courses

Workshops are a good way to get a whole group up to speed, or give group members a chance to think about something new or work together.

Below are the workshops (and courses) I have experience conducting.  If you would like a workshop that is a blend of these or something different please contact me and we can figure out how to meet your needs. If I can’t do it, perhaps I can recommend someone who can.

  • Mini-Series: Five ½ day workshops: Building perceived value of your project with reviewers; Writing compelling specific aims; What goes in the NIH biosketch; Thinking about innovation and significance; Writing the research strategy. 

  • Grant Writing

  • Writing an NIH K-award

  • Writing the Specific Aims page of an NIH grant application

  • Writing a scientific review article

  • Generating ideas, creatively

  • Writing tips for smart and busy people

  • Presenting your best self on-line