Rachel E. Locke, PhD

Grant writing, one-to-one coaching, workshops
~ helping scientists write compelling grant applications ~


Are you are feeling overwhelmed just thinking about that grant deadline?
Do you need one-to-one attention, sometime focused 100% on you, helping you pin down your ideas?
Have you written so much that your head is spinning?

i can help

I work with biomedical investigators — physician-scientists and basic researchers — to write grant applications that are clear, focused and compelling.  I can help whether you are developing your ideas, need to find your framing, need help organizing, or want to make sure your exciting idea comes through.  I have helped researchers with many NIH grant activity codes (i.e., R01, R21, K08, K23, DP2, R34, P01), and with DoD, NSF and foundation proposals.

We can keep it somewhat simple ("grant writing") or work more in-depth to improve your skills ("one-to-one grant writing coaching").  Or we can do a group workshop; informative and somewhat entertaining, I've heard ;-)  See the Process page for more.

To my friends who don't speak English as their first language

If English is not your first language, don’t worry!  I've worked hard to learn Spanish, German and Romanian so I understand the difficulties of writing in another language.  Plus, I have a LOT of experience writing with scholars from different cultures and am sympathetic to how cultural background influences US-style academic writing. 

how it works

If you are local to Philadelphia, we talk by phone about what you need, you email me the piece you want to work on plus the instructions (I never share grant ideas), I read it over, and then we meet in person.  At our first meeting we usually talk about your science, you tell me what type of help you want, and we make a plan for going forward.  Our plan almost always involves a back-and-forth process of me making edits/suggestions/comments (as per your needs), the two of us discussing the edits/suggestions/comments, and you deciding which revisions to implement.  If you are not local, we will follow the same process using phone, a shared drive, Google docs and/or screen sharing. 

Oh yes, money. Once we decide we want to work together and make a plan, then I start tracking my hours.  I will be able to give you an estimate of the number of hours needed. I will keep you up to date on hours spent.  Feel free to contact me with specific questions.